Pamela & Joey


We chose NCL because of their FreeStyle cruising. FreeStyle cruising gives you the freedom of choice to have your style of vacation - relax or be adventurous. No set dining times, no assigned tables, a relaxed dress code, and LOTS of different types of restaurants.


7:00 am Coffee, muffins and donuts at the Lord's in Holland - Lakeshore Drive
7:45 am Board bus in Holland - Lakeshore Drive
8:00 am Bus leaves for cruise terminal in Boston
10:00 am Arrive in Boston at cruise terminal - must be there before 10:30!!
10:30 am Priority embarkation process - get key cards for rooms, etc.
11:30 am Board ship
11:45am Pre-wedding party in the private Garden Villa

12:30 pm Joe and Pam get married in the Garden Villa
1-3 pm Wedding party & open bar in the Garden Villa
3-4 pm Lifeboat/muster station drill
4 pm Cruise departs (it has been leaving late every week - likely will be around 6pm)
4:30 pm Lifeboat/muster station drill
6-7 pm Private party - open Bar @ Star Bar on deck 13
7 pm Wedding celebration dinner @Cagney's Steakhouse private room (next to Star Bar)

When we get to Bermuda:

Lots of shopping for the ladies - although things are a bit pricey on the island.

Golf (for the men) - lots of great courses on the island

Great pink beaches - the most famous one is Horseshoe Bay Beach

Lots of water activities - deep sea fishing, boat rentals, etc.

The crystal caves are a must see!