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2 Bedroom Family Suite Details

Approx Square Footage: 574
Max Capacity: 2

The second (small) bedroom is in the upper right hand corner of the image above (orange pull-out couch). It also includes a small second bathroom with a shower, sink, and toilet. Each bedroom has privacy with separate doors.

The living room (above) has a table for four (your butler can bring any meal to your room), a couch, chairs, TV, and minibar.

The master bedroom is a bit snug, but the rest of the suite makes up for it. There is a door between the master suite and the living area so that you can have privacy. The master bathroom is below, and compared to most of the bathrooms on the ship this is HUGE! It has a tub (with a flat screen TV), separate shower, TWO sinks and a vanity area.

The second (children's) bedroom is very small, but can accomodate three people (two below and one in the top bunk). It also has a (small) second bathroom.


With enough room for up to five people, these suites are perfect if you want to bring the whole family. Includes a living area, dining area, separate bedroom with queen-size bed as well as a separate small (tiny actually) second bedroom with a second bathroom and a large private balcony so you can all enjoy the amazing view. Both bedrooms have doors so you can have lots of privacy. Includes butler and concierge service.


Rate for 2 people: $5,279.84 ($2,640 per person) including taxes and port fees, each additional person (up to 2 more) is $299 (additional taxes may apply beyond two people).

Tell Ray you want Category SC.

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