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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a passport?
Yes - because we are leaving the United States, all passengers are required to have a passport as proof of citizenship.

What does my cruise fare include?
Your cruise fare shown on the room types & prices page includes your accommodations, meals (in the regular restaurants) and entertainment aboard the ship. It also includes all port fees and taxes. Specialty restaurants are available with either nominal cover charges or fixed price menus and à la carte pricing in addition to the standard dining program. Items of a personal nature are not included, such as alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, spa treatments, indoor pool relaxation areas, certain specialty exercise classes, laundry, photographs, casino, ship-to-shore phone, email, Internet, fax and Shore Excursions (including all "Dive In" programs). Tips for your cabin stewards and crew members ($12/day per person) are also not included and will be automatically charged to your room. If you are unhappy with the service, you can go to the welcome desk and request the tips be removed from your onboard account.

How do I pay for onboard expenses?
For your convenience, all shipboard expenses are charged to NCL's special onboard credit program. Sign up on the first day of your cruise, by establishing your method of payment with Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diners Club®, travelers checks or cash. If you choose to settle your account with cash, a deposit will be required in advance. You may also use your debit card; however, please be advised that NCL obtains pre-authorization which some banks may hold for up to 30 days.

Is there a refrigerator in my room?
Yes, all cabins have a mini-fridge in the room.

Is there an iron and ironing board in my room?
No, unfortunately irons are not allowed on board due to fire regulations, however you can bring aboard a portable steamer.

How many suitcases can I bring?
Each person is allowed up to two pieces of personal luggage on board, with each piece weighing a maximum of 50 pounds. However, if passengers are traveling by air, they need to check with the airline for specific restrictions.

Do children cruise for free?
Kids under two cruise at a substantially reduced fare and certain itineraries offer specials on 3rd and 4th guests in the same stateroom. Infants under six months of age are not eligible for travel on NCL ships.

Are babysitters available?
Yes - NCL offers group sitting for ages 2-12 for a nominal fee with the Kid's Crew" counselors. In addition to their regular sitting hours of 10 pm - 1 am, group sitting is available in port from 9 am - 5 pm. Private babysitting is not available.

What can't I bring onboard?
Passengers are not allowed to bring on board the vessel any intoxicating liquors, or beverages, firearms, weapons of any kind, ammunition, explosive substances or any goods of a dangerous nature, nor animals of any kind, except service or guide animals, provided the passenger notifies Carrier prior to the cruise of his intention to bring such animal and agrees to take sole responsibility for any expense, damage, injuries or losses associated with or caused by such animal.

When are the shops and casino open?
The shops and casino are only open when the ship is at sea. Both are closed during the days in port in Bermuda.

If you have any questions not listed above, email us and we'll get you the answer (and maybe even add it to our FAQs).